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Beth Short's Gravesite

Thanks to Patrick Benson we know have even more definitive information about the gravesite location of Beth Short.

Detailed Directions

The gravesite of Beth Short The current numbering for the site is Plot #66, Marker #798.

It's recommended you obtain a map from the cemetery office which is located immediately to the right as you enter the cemetery.

When you enter the cemetery you immediately come to a large fountain. Continue around this and proceed east bound on the main drive. You will encounter two more fountains. Continue a short distance past the second of these additional fountains and on the left side of the roadway you will see the "Hillside Mausoleum". Stop and park.

Beth's grave is on the hillside above this mausoleum and to the right a bit. The hillside she is buried on faces due south. If you stand facing the hillside you will see to the right of the mausoleum, concrete stairs going up the hillside. Plot 66 is on the left side of these stairs. Her grave is about half way up the hillside and about 10 yards to the left of the stairs.

You can also download a copy of the map, marked with Beth's gravesite:

Map - JPG - 401K - requires graphics program or internet browser.
Map - PDF - 770K - requires Acrobat Reader 2.01 or higher.

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