The Black Dahlia on Broadway?


According to an article featuring an 1812 Productions play, mention was made about a broadway-rendition based on Hodel’s book.

Coming UP: Dahlia-a commissioned play from the grandson of the accused murderer as depicted in “The Black Dahlia Avenger”.

You’ll find the full article here:


Thanks to folks at the Message Boards, we’ve found the definitive reference. The play, DAHLIA originally took place last October at a college. It was co-created by Joshua Spafford, nephew of Steve Hodel.

From the play’s Web site:

“Dahlia” is an edge-of-your-seat coming of age story in which a young man grapples with the possibility that his beloved grandfather may also have committed the Black Dahlia murder, a notoriously grisly unsolved case from 1947. A surprising mix of pathos, deeply felt introspection, and black comedy, “Dahlia” is a soul-searching must-see.

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