Did Walter Bayley Kill Beth?


LA Times Reporter Larry Harnisch presents a theory by a different approach, relying on archived property records and certified documents.

Although by 1946 he had been experiencing financial strain, Walter Bayley had previously been chief of staff at the Los Angeles County Hospital, as well as an associate professor of surgery at the Universty of So. Cal.

Bayley resided at 3959 S. Norton Avenue – a block from the lot where Beth’s body was found.

In October of 1946, now in a relationship with Dr. Alexandra von Partyka, Walter left his family, and filed for divorce.

Bayley died in 1948. His death certificate states he had a condition which involved shrinkage of the brain.

Harnisch doesn’t think he’s solved the case, but he does feel quite confident of his findings. He outlines a connection between the Bayley and Beth – Bayley’s daughter knew Beth’s sister and brother-in-law. He believes Beth may have reached out to Bayley in her first months in LA.

Harnisch offers up all the details of this theory at his Web site: http://lmharnisch.com/